with electric comfort controller

The fresh hot water systems of Delta Systemtechnik GmbH boast extremely compact dimensions. It is extremely simple to connect them to the fresh hot water stations. Their configuration and design are typical hallmarks of Delta Systemtechnik GmbH.

From the beginning to the end

Benefits at a Glance

  • Most compact design
  • Reduction in the formation of legionella by removal of the central hot water tank
  • The lowest heating overtemperatures are sufficient to achieve the desired hot water temperature and high degree of system efficiency
  • Most advanced control technology
  • Best possible integration of alternative energy sources through unlimited expansion of the buffer storage volume
  • With Modbus RTU
  • Ready with safety assembly
  • Ready with sampling valve and flame tube


Delta‘s fresh hot water systems are used to generate domestic hot water by means of heat exchangers. They are ideal for replacing central hot water tanks (boilers) with energy-efficient buffer storage heating systems and thus for allowing the integration of alternative heating sources such as gas, oil and solar thermal energy, among others.

Facts and Figures

  • Devices can be cascaded on request
  • Optimal energy utilisation through precise management of the system components
  • Heat exchanger in copper-soldered, nickel-soldered or bolted construction
  • Electric comfort controller technology with Modbus
  • Recognisable design
  • 28 mm piping
  • Easy to use and has a plug & play function
  • Hot water circulation with a choice of 3 settings
  • Legionella switching possible
  • 10 bar safety valve