WS-Hybrid – European patent pending

Excellent modular hybrid home station programme for domestic hot water and heating for heat pumps of all types

What heat pumps require by necessity

Benefits at a Glance

  • Central de-centralisation = central heating with de-centralised hygienic domestic water heating in flow principle via heating energy and reheating via electronic flow heater
  • Reduction of legionella formation
  • Highest possible overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Highest possible COP
  • Best possible integration of alternative energy sources (heat pumps, thermal solar)
  • Variable heating flow temperatures (minimum 38 °C, maximum 60 °C) to reach the desired hot water temperatures by modular construction
  • New: Units with insulated warm water pipes will be offered since March 2017


An individual central heat source, that produces heat, transports hot water to the home station by a heating section. Domestic hot water is produced in the apartment in line with demand in flow principle by the heat exchanger and in combination with electronic flow heater. The user of the apartment also has the advantage of heating the apartment throughout the year.

Facts and Figures

  • Up to 10 l/min hot water with up to 60 °C by electronic reheating
  • Mixed water/tap performance at e. g. bath tub ca. 18 l/min with 38 °C, at a heating flow temperature of minimum 38 °C till maximum 65 °C
  • Cooling of the heating primary return temperature till 5 K via domestic water inlet is possible
  • Modular compact construction
  • Heat exchanger types copper-soldered, nickel-soldered or bolted possible