The unique COCKPIT 360 links the needs of the housing industry, engineering offices, craftsmen and industrial clients. Checking, analysing, optimising and associated services will be as easy as ABC. COCKPIT 360, from the data collection components with GMS and optional controller functon, connection of hot water meters to M-Bus-interface, impulse inputs, Modbus input with remote access and the simple billimg leave nothing to be desired.


Trust is good, control is easier


COCKPIT 360 is the web-based data recording system for the clear display of all data relating to economic efficiency and energy balance. In a very simple operation the clearly structured interface provides general and detailed information about the efficiency of the respective heat generating system. All data can be fully understood with reference to diagrams, reports and tables and are then archived. The user therefore has a direct overview of all heating systems still in the system – regardless of whether these are existing or new systems.


  1. COCKPIT 360 with private portal access and logo
  2. Interpretation and transfer of the data using a telemetry data logger
  3. Visualisation using circuit diagram
  4. System comparisons
  5. 3-year comparison of a building
  6. Archiving of service and professional guidance, planning documentations, acceptance and commissioning protocols and much more
  7. Meter reading with data availability for billing
  8. Possible data communication with external regulators
  9. Overview of operating costs
  10. Creation of energy performance certificate able to be generated at any time and even automatically
  11. 24-hour surveillance, also by the Delta service
  12. Global, location-independent access