Product advantages

Delta is not only considering. But it is also looking ahead. The result is well structured, modular products with an exceptionally high degree of functionality and flexibility. The typical hallmarks of the company can be seen in every product and it is evident that everybody at Delta knows what they are talking about.

Looked ahead and reflected


  1. Very robust and sustainable execution by using high-quality components and material.
  2. Thermal and acoustic insulation of all piping and components (reduction of heat emission).
  3. Ready-for-connection units make short assembly times (plug & play) a certainty
  4. Convenience of maintenance and service by easy accessibility.
  5. Design-oriented and distinctive use of form  
  6. System components are designed so that new developments can be substituted easily and save costs.
  7. Delta Systemtechnik products have a sustainable effect on investment and working costs and they increase the housing quality by using the de-centralised domestic hot water technology.