Excellent modular home station programme for domestic hot water

Only water heating is also possible (narrow version)

Benefits at a Glance

  • Central de-centralisation = central heating with de-centralised hygienic domestic water heating in flow principle via heating energy
  • Reduction of legionella formation
  • Highest possible overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Best possible integration of alternative energy sources (gas, oil, biomass heat generator, heat pump, thermal solar, block heat and power plant, …)
  • New: Units with insulated warm water pipes will be offered since March 2017


An individual central heat source, that produces heat, transports hot water to the home station by a heating section. Domestic hot water is produced in the apartment in line with demand in flow principle by a heat exchanger located in the unit.

Facts and Figures

  • Up to 28 l/min hot water at heating flow temperatures of 50-85 °C
  • Cooling of the heating primary return temperature till 5 K via domestic water inlet is possible
  • Modular compact construction
  • Heat exchanger types copper-soldered, nickel-soldered or bolted possible