Delta Systemtechnik Donations


Delta Systemtechnik is donating again this year. In addition to the Christmas campaign held this January CEO Thomas Geck is making another considerable donation, in the amount of 4,350 euros.
For 10 years Delta Systemtechnik has been saying "Warm up your system"! A celebration accompanied by international guests was held this summer at the company premises at Heineckes Feld 9. Gifts were waived in favour of requests for donations for charitable purposes.
Now these will not go towards home stations providing homes with heating and hot water, but towards a cosy windfall for the welfare of the children of our city and to support DLRG Ortsgruppe Celle, which was damaged by fire.
CEO Thomas Geck (third from left) presents the donation of 4,350 euros from the business partners, split half and half between the Celle local chapter of the German Child Protection Association represented by CEO Silvia Seibel and Vice President Dr. Helmuth Büngener and DLRG Ortsgruppe Celle, represented by Jan Mergemann, Chairman, and Achim Ströher, Vice Chairman. They were very pleased with the contribution.

In the photo, from the left: Achim Ströher, Jan Mergemann, Thomas Geck, Silvia Seibel, Dr. Helmuth Büngener.